A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Latest 30

PlayDate AddedArtistTitleYearCatalogue
16/06/17 Lionel Wood with the Melbourne Veterans Band To God Be the Glory 2013 LW002
13/06/17 Various Artists Family at Christmas 1986 FAC
13/06/17 The Swedish Sunshine Singers Greetings From Sweden 1980 BLG1002
13/06/17 Various Artists Celebration of a Century 1980 AEA1307
12/06/17 Various Artists Profile - Eric Ball 1979 TRLPS29
12/06/17 Exeter Temple Singing Company Roundelay Reverie 1971 SNP200
12/06/17 Bristol Easton Band Praise the Lord - 1980 Tour of Sweden 1980 SMR150
12/06/17 Mary & Ernest Miller Songs of a Seeking Saviour 1965 FSRS1414
11/06/17 Philip Smith & Joseph Turrin Trumpet & Piano   TRLPS22
11/06/17 Albert Avery with the New York Staff Band Male Chorus A Song To Sing 1979 TRLPS30
11/06/17 International Staff Band Highlights of Los Angeles Tour 1957 120
10/06/17 St John's Temple Songsters, Maranatha & Good News Tell All the People   FS23523
4/06/17 FA-Teamet FA-Teamet   EP26
31/05/17 Lionel Wood Just Where I Am 2008 LW001
28/04/17 Stockholm VII:a Band Stockholm VII:a Band   EP07
28/04/17 Göteborgs 5 Band Skivan Festival   EP03
28/04/17 Silvertrion Silvertrion   EP10
28/04/17 Stockholm II:a Band Stockholm II:a Band   EP16
28/04/17 Tranås Band På Marsch   EP62
28/04/17 Yngve Eklund & Roger Larsson All min fröjd Jag har i Jesus 1977 FALK7712
28/04/17 Happy Soldiers Vi Har En Sang å Synge med Happy Soldiers 1974 FORLP6113
27/04/17 Hisingskårens Corps Music Groups Hisingskårens sångare och musikanter 1986 FLP147
27/04/17 Oslo 3 Music Groups Lift up the Banner 1971 E04839005
27/04/17 Swedish Salvation Army Music Groups Frälsningsarméns Julskiva Och över jorden frid 1984 FLP139
27/04/17 Campsie & Petersham Citadel Bands Combined Bands Campsie & Petersham Citadels   LP1228
27/04/17 Oakland Citadel Band Youth's Ambition 1971 FSRS1276
26/04/17 Basel 1 Citadel Band 50 Jahre Martinskirchen-Konzerte 1968 AS2002
25/04/17 Swedish Salvation Army Songster Groups O Gränslösa Frålsning 1974 LP117
25/04/17 Else och Leif Andersson I Guds Närhet 1980 FLP127