A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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PlayDate AddedArtistTitleYearCatalogue
21/07/17 Fred Byhlin och Löjtnant Wincent Wiberg Det Finns en Underbar Källa   EP31
21/07/17 Jönköpings Strängmusikkår Jönköpings Strängmusikkår   EP21
21/07/17 Copenhagen Temple Band Copenhagen Temple Band   X8447
21/07/17 Stockholms II:a kårs Strängmusikkår och Ungdomskör Sang och Spel fran Fralsningsarmen   EP45
21/07/17 FA Teamet 1963 FA Teamet 1963 1963 EP35
21/07/17 The Joystrings Have Faith in God 1965 ERZ8258
20/07/17 The Joystrings Festivalskivan Inspelad Av the Joystrings   EP47
20/07/17 Åke Forsberg & Fred Bylin Åke Forsberg & Fred Bylin   EP12
20/07/17 Various UK Salvation Army Musicians Salvation Army Centenary Souvenir Record 1965 SACSR
20/07/17 Melbourne Staff Band Melbourne Staff Band   SCO020
20/07/17 Melbourne Staff Band The Sound of Marching Brass   CWG6606
19/07/17 Sheringham Band Holiday plus Fellowship - Recorded live from the Salvation Army Holiday plus Fellowship Week at Butlin's Skegness 1993 B9305
18/07/17 Chelmsford Citadel Songsters The Songs of Joy Webb 1997 EGNCT119
18/07/17 Boscombe Band & Songsters Beside the Seaside 2001 SPS144
18/07/17 Eastern Counties Divisional Youth Band Abundant Joy 1991 GAL013
18/07/17 Eastern Counties Youth Chorus I'm Going to Sing 1992 01031MC
17/07/17 Chalk Farm Citadel Band Terra Beata 1992 BHSS285
17/07/17 Various Australian Salvation Army musicians General's Congress Festival - Melbourne 1963 GCF002
17/07/17 Leederville Citadel Band Men of Brass 1963 LCD
10/07/17 Western Victorian Division Songsters,
Melbourne Staff Band, Regeneration String Group
& Camberwell Timbrel Brigade
Centenary Celebrations Musical Salute
Led by Commissioner Eva Burrows
1983 CCMS
10/07/17 Noel Jones & Mary Noel on piano The Name of Jesus
Inspirational Music presented by Noel Jones Vol 4
9/07/17 International Staff Band ISB Visit to Oslo 1964 1964 SS001
16/06/17 Lionel Wood with the Melbourne Veterans Band To God Be the Glory 2013 LW002
13/06/17 Various Artists Family at Christmas 1986 FAC
13/06/17 The Swedish Sunshine Singers Greetings From Sweden 1980 BLG1002
13/06/17 Various Artists Celebration of a Century 1980 AEA1307
12/06/17 Various Artists Profile - Eric Ball 1979 TRLPS29
12/06/17 Exeter Temple Singing Company Roundelay Reverie 1971 SNP200
12/06/17 Bristol Easton Band Praise the Lord - 1980 Tour of Sweden 1980 SMR150