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*FLP113 - Sjuan pa Söder
Stockholm 7 Corps

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(*) Recording provided by Norman Short of the United Kingdom with assistance from a music lover friend in Europe.
Track TitleArtistConductorComposer
Marsch - Dalarö Stockholm 7 Band Erland Beijer E. Gregson
Farväl, o värld Stockholm 7 String Band Stina Ihlar H. Booth/G. Jackson
arr. S Benzein
A Robe of White Stockholm 7 Band Erland Beijer E Leidzen
Rock of Ages Stockholm 7 String Band Stina Ihlar A.M. Toplady/S. Tyndal
arr. S. Benzein
Whosoever Heareth Stockholm 7 Vocal with Brass Ensemble Gunilla Fröden P.P. Bliss arr. B. Bowen
A Wonderful Saviour Stockholm 7  String Band Stina Ihlar F. Crosby/J. Kirkpatrick
arr. S. Benzein
Cornet Solo - Someone Cares Stockholm 7 Band - Soloist - Ove Ericson Erland Beijer J. Larsson arr. R. Steadman-Allel
I Dream of a Day Stockholm 7 Band Youth Choir - Soloist - Gunilla Fröden Janerik Johnsson J. Gowans/J. Larsson trans. Th. Kjäll
Wonders Begin Stockholm 7 Band Trombone Ensemble Erland Beijer J. Larsson arr. R. Steadman-Allen
Under the Banner Stockholm 7 Girl's Quartette with Ensemble Gunilla Fröden J. Appelberg arr. N. Kjellström
March - Cairo Red Shield Stockholm 7 Band Erland Beijer A.S. Raikes