A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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*LP104 - Salvation Army Music & Singing
Stockholm 1 Musical Sections

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(*) Recording provided by Lennart Johansson of Sweden with assistance from a music lover friend in Europe
Track TitleArtistConductorComposer
March - Dudley Citadel Stockhom 1 Band   Charles Dove
Soldiers Bravely March Along Stockholm 1 Women's Voices   Words; Annie Hartelius
Music; An English Tune
Suite on a Swedish Hymn Stockhom 1 Band   Sture Petersson
The Righteousness of Christ Stockhom 1 Male Voice Party   Words; Ludvig von Zinzendorf
Music; Handel Parker
arr. Klaus Östby
Song Arrangement - What a Friend Stockhom 1 Band   Erik Leidzéen
Salvation I Have Found in Jesus Stockhom 1 String Band   Sven Benzein
God's Soldier Stockhom 1 Youth Singing Party   Words; John Appleberg
Music; Alfred E. Braine
March - Spirit of Victory Stockhom 1 Band   F.J. Dockerill
My Saviour Sought and Found me Stockhom 1 String Band   Sidney Cox
Saints of God, Lift Up Your Voices Stockhom 1 Male Voice Party   Words; Unknown
Music; German Tune
arr. Erik Leidzéen
Selection - A Wonderful Fountain Stockhom 1 Band   Gunnbar Blomberg
Soon He Will Come Stockhom 1 String Band   Kaleb Johnson
I Bring My All to Jesus Stockhom 1 Youth Singing Party   Words; Carl Boberg
Music; F. Scholefield