A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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*B9305 - Holiday plus Fellowship
Sheringham Band
Recorded live from the Salvation Army
Holiday plus Fellowship Week at Butlin's Skegness

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(*) Recording provided to me by Brian Sampson of the United Kingdom.

No Tracklist is provided with these cassettes. If you can fill in any detail please let me know.
Track TitleArtistConductorComposer
Introduction Unknown    
March - Emblem of the Army Sheringham Band Brian Peg Arthur Gullidge
Festival March - Able Sheringham Band Brian Peg William Turkington
revised by William Himes
Bass Solo - From the Hall of Montezuma(??) ?   ?
Vocal Item- Bless His Name ? Male Chorus ? Words; William Baugh
Music; Phil Laeger
He Gives Me His Blessings ? Congregation & Sheringham Band Brian Peg  
Timbrels - Southall 100 Sheringham Band & Timbrels Brian Peg Norman Bearcroft
Wives of the Bandsmen Wives of the Bandsmen ? ?
Scripture Reading Band Seargent and Sheringham Band Brian Peg ?
Overture to the Magic Flute Sheringham Band Brian Peg W. Mozart arr. Kenyon
Congregational Singing Congregation & Sheringham Band Brian Peg ?
Timbrels - When the Saints Sheringham Band & Timbrels Brian Peg ?
Comedy Spot Maurice?    
Finale - March - Goldcrest Sheringham Band & Timbrels Brian Peg  J. Anderson 
Prayer & Benediction ?    
Track 16 ? Sheringham Band Brian Peg ?